Did a Storm Knock Over Your Trees?

Call us for emergency tree removal in the Hoover & McCalla, AL area

At J&K Tree Service, we're no strangers to storm damage. Hurricanes and thunderstorms can uproot trees or knock them over onto your house. If your trees are downed or damaged, we can provide emergency tree removal services. Our crew will clean up your property and remove trees and brush. We'll haul away the mess to give your yard a fresh start.

Get storm damage removal services in Hoover & McCalla, AL and throughout the greater Birmingham area.

We remove all kinds of debris

We remove all kinds of debris

A tree that fell over or is leaning on your house makes removal difficult. Trust the pros to take care of your storm damage removal without causing even more damage to your property. Our team will cut branches and trees down carefully. We're licensed and insured so you can rest easy knowing your house will be cared for properly.

Don't wait for your leaning tree to completely fall over. Call 205-704-0294 now for an emergency tree removal in Hoover & McCalla, Alabama.