Don't Let a Stump Ruin Your Yard

Arrange for stump grinding and removal in Hoover & McCalla, AL

Maybe you've had a tree removed, but now you have a leftover stump littering your yard. Stumps can cause a lot of problems if left alone. Call J&K Tree Service when you need stump grinding in Hoover & McCalla, AL. We operate heavy-duty machines that can grind your stump into chips. We'll grind it up and make sure your yard is flat and smooth after the stump removal is complete.

Schedule your stump grinding services today in Hoover & McCalla, AL and the greater Birmingham area.

Why remove stumps?

Why remove stumps?

While stumps can be unsightly, it might seem safe to leave them in your yard. But as time goes on, they'll start to cause problems.

Remove your stumps because...

They'll die and rot. This can spread disease to other plants in your yard.
They can become a habitat for pests like ants, beetles and termites.
They're a tripping hazard and can injure your friends and family.

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