Don't Trust Your Home to a Typical Tree Company

Get tree services from the pros in Hoover & McCalla, AL

If you have a tree that's leaning over your house, power lines or driveway, tree removal is a good way to keep your property safe. Unskilled hands might cut a tree down improperly, causing it to fall and damage your home. J&K Tree Service provides superior tree services in Hoover & McCalla, Alabama and the greater Birmingham area. Our tree company has been in our family for generations. We have the skills and equipment to remove your tree properly.

If you have a tree that's damaged and looks like it might fall, we can provide emergency tree removal. Contact us, and we'll send out a crew as soon as possible.

Keep your trees under control

With proper care, you can stop trees from overgrowing or falling over. J&K Tree Service can climb your trees and cut diseased or broken branches. We'll also trim overgrown sections.

Tree trimming services will help your yard by...

Stopping the spread of rot and disease
Allowing your trees to grow straight and even
Improving the appearance of your trees

If your trees are obstructing the view of your yard or smothering other plants with too much shade, we can trim it back down to size. You can rely on our tree company to trim your trees to your specifications.

Keep your trees healthy with tree services from J&K Tree Service. We offer free quotes.

We'll clean up your yard

Whether you need a standard tree and stump removal or help cleaning up after a storm, our crew is standing by to help. We'll clean up leaves, branches, brush and debris. Your yard will be clean, clear and ready for your next project.

We're fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing your trees will be handled properly. Call us today at 205-704-0294 to schedule your tree services in Hoover & McCalla, AL or the greater Birmingham area.